Garden Spot FFA tractor team wins “Most Improved” and "Best Record Book" at Farm Show

What started as an eyesore with good intentions soon became a great accomplishment for the Garden Spot FFA. In the end of 2016 our chapter received a 1940 styled John Deere B tractor, a machine clearly worked to its limits.

All areas of the tractor were going need to be refurbished, a complete overhaul was planned and executed with agility by the team. We asked Bryce Johnson about the biggest problems they faced during the restoration. “Well, we had to get to the clutch shaft, split the rear end of the tractor to work on the transmission, and line the frame back up after we fixed the transmission. It was a lot of work, but we did it.”

Since the start of the school year, students have put their noses to the grindstone in an effort to get this tractor up and running for the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show. 

In all, a total of 26 members over the course of the project put around three hundred hours of labor into this feat. In the photo above, the tractor team poses with the completed 1940. Left to right, Jordan Potoka, Bryce Johnson (Committee Co-Chairman), Wyatt Giberson, Alec Wagner, Andrew Whitehead, Evan Mize, Owen Risser (Committee Co-Chairman), Jackson Price, Stuart Newswanger, Jared Risser, Ethan Sauder, Travis Groff (Alumni), Jordan Martin, Gannon Graby (Alumni), and Tyler Stoltzfus.

The Garden Spot FFA tractor team awards of “Most Improved” and ¨Best Record Book" were definitely well deserved.

The tractor will potentially go to the 2019 West Lampeter Fair and other shows for exhibition. There's still a long journey ahead!

--By Brayden Emmerling, LS News reporter

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