GSA members fundraise to attend Dickinson leadership summit

Come support the Lampeter-Strasburg GSA by eating at Strasburg Isaac's tomorrow.

This fundraiser affords club members the opportunity to attend the annual GSA Leadership Summit at Dickinson college. You can read more about the leadership summit here. Students who go to Dickinson further develops leadership and advocacy skills.

The students develop several skills that help them to learn lead organizations and people.
The fundraiser is this Thursday, October 11 at Isaac’s on 226 Gap Road, Strasburg (The Shops at Traintown). 25% of your check will go to the L-S GSA and 15% of an gift cards you purchase will go to the L-S GSA.

Make sure to bring a GSA fundraiser flier with you. If you don’t have a flier you can get one from Mr. Spealman in room 225.

--By James McMichael, LS News reporter

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