Do We Believe in Victory? Lady Pioneers face off against former field hockey state champs Donegal

In My Own WordsIn this installment of In My Own Words, Emaly Garret talks about field hockey's match with Donegal both before and during. 

Before the GameToday is the big game..... Donegal vs. Lampeter-Strasburg..... who will win?

Two years ago, Donegal was state champs. Most years they make it to districts and states. It is all because they have really good players and a hardcore coach. 

Thankfully, I'm a freshman and the best players will have graduated by next year. 

Donegal is our rival, and we lose to them Every. Single. Year. Last year, we loss 12 - 0. But the one thing I can say is we didn't give up.

LS scores first goal in the varsity game!

During the GameWhen the game started, so did the rain. The weather didn't hinder Donegal's performance though. They ended up winning 12-3 but, L-S definitely put up a good fight. 

It's amazing how much your mind controls your play. We let Donegal and the reputation that precedes them definitely get into our heads.

I think the Lady Pioneers could have won if Donegal didn't have their star player, Mackenzie Allessie, who scored half of their goals, and might I add, plays on one of the USA Field Hockey developmental teams. 

She can beat and dodge everyone on the field. We even had someone specifically mark her the whole game but that had little effect. Nevertheless, the L-S field hockey team had some great transitions down the field.

Although varsity lost, the JV team ended up with a tie of 1-1 after playing in the pouring rain. 

The Pioneers square off against Donegal again on Monday, October 1. Be sure to come out and support the team.

--By Emaly Garret, LS News reporter

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