Garden Spots FFA participates in New Holland Ag Security Week

Eight members of the Garden Spot FFA chapter had the special privilege of joining New Holland Ag and CNH Industrial to celebrate Food Security Week. Members had the opportunity to tour the New Holland Hay Tool Facility, participate in a community service activity, and attended a meeting discussing food security.

Leah Welk, Jess Herr, Jared Risser, Roddie Rice, Jordan Martin, Gracie Hess, Bryce Johnson, and Danae Ranck joined the PA State FFA Officers for this special experience. We had the opportunity to meet different managers and business professionals that explained the history of CNH, different parts of their company, and future goals. New Holland was founded in 1895 and has grown significantly since. They have partnered with several other companies and have dealerships all over the world.

Our tour guides were retired employees that spent over 35 years at CNH Industrial. They thoroughly explained the New Holland Hay Tool Facility as we walked through. They shared how CNH Industrial is always improving their products and assembly line. Our tour guide emphasized that a job that used to take him several hours can now be completed within minutes. Robots and new technology are allowing the company to expand, however no one has lost a job because of the new technology. Some of our members shared things that impacted them after the tour such as all the small pieces that fit together so perfectly to create a beautiful product, the phenomenal abilities of the robots, the cleanliness of the facility, and how simple a very complex system seemed.

Together with the State Officers, we created over 200 care packages for CrossNet Ministries. CrossNet Ministries works within the community to provide safe places for children and adults to learn and thrive. We pack food packages food children attending summer school. We provided different types of food, drinks, and positive notes to encourage the children receiving them. By making food packages, we were ensuring that those children would have food for that meal and increasing Food Security.

We also participated in a “town hall” meeting with other employees at CNH Industrial / New Holland to discuss food security. The State Officers shared a presentation about food security. They explained the impact food security is having on our state, country, and world right now and what might happen in the future. They also added how FFA is preparing members to solve future food security problems. Leadership activities and CDE competitions are preparing members for specific careers. CNH Industrial and New Holland are partnering with FFA to provide future jobs and opportunities to solve problems in agriculture.

Our trip to CNH Industrial and New Holland not only provided us with opportunities to see new technology but also see how the new technology is changing our world. Companies like CNH Industrial and New Holland are devoted to ensuring Food Security all over the world and making our world a better place for everyone.

--By Danae Ranck, FFA reporter

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