Garden Spot FFA Spring Regional CDE Contests

Career Development Events (CDE’s ) are contests that FFA members participate in to learn skills and knowledge for a specific career. Members have to opportunity to compete at the county, regional, state, and national level for their contest.

Many members of the Garden Spot FFA have been practicing for different CDE’s in teams and individually. Some contests require teams and individuals to qualify for the regional and state competitions, while others only compete at state competitions with chances of moving on to the nation competitions. Members are required to attend weekly practices outside of school to prepare for their competition to the best of their ability.

Ag Mechanics Team
The Small Gas Engines Team competed at the Lancaster County Contest to qualify for the State Competition. Bryce Johnson placed 5th and Gwenn Spotts placed 6th. Skylar Reese competed as an individual. Together they qualified for Penn State for the individual and team events. The contest consisted of a engine manual reading exercise, tool and parts identification, a written exam and an engine troubleshooting exercise.

Leah Welk and Jess Herr both received 4th place in their Public Speaking Divisions at the County Level. They both moved on to receive 1st at Regionals. Leah Welk is in the Senior Prepared Division, speaking about child labor in the tobacco industry. Jess Herr is in the Junior Prepared Division, speaking about food labels. Leah and Jess are now preparing to deliver their speeches once again during the State Competition.

The Ag Mechanics team, consisting of Jordan Martin, Dylan Lechner, Roddie Rice, and Austin McFalls, placed 4th at the County Contest. Jordan placed 14, Dylan and Austin tied for 15, and Roddie placed 17th individually. They will move on to the state contest in June. The contest consisted of an electrical wiring exercise, a welding project, a woodworking project, an equipment manual reading exercise and a written exam.

The Meat Evaluation Team competed at the Eastern Regional Contest. Tobias Leaman placed 1st in the county and 2nd in the region, Tyler Stoltzfus placed 2nd in the county and 4th in the region, Carter Meck placed 3rd in the county and 6th in the region, Bryce Good placed 4th in the county and 7th in the region, Steph Mays placed 5th in the county and 11th in the region, and Bella Eckert placed 6th in the county and 12th in the region. Carter, Steph and Tobias will be competing at the state contest in June. Their contest consisted of identifying, grading, and placing specific cuts of meat.

All of these members will continue practicing and preparing for their CDE competitions for the State Contests in June. Good Luck!

--By Danae Ranck, FFA reporter

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