Enigma Weekend Edition Poem: 'Time'

By A.D.

What is time?
Is it he passing
of hours
or is it
the way the earth moves?
Is it the seasons
or even
the color of the sky?
Is it the way he
looks at you
vulnerable, trusting, and loving?
What is time,
and why do we
measure it?
Maybe we long to
Capture the eternity
laid out in front of us in
smaller increments,
tiny snapshots to savor
and then slowly fade away
when the end draws near.

Enigma is the art and literary magazine. Staff membership is open to any interested high school student. Each year’s staff is formed at the beginning of that school year. The Enigma staff is responsible for all aspects of production, from writing and artwork selection to layout and publication tasks. Members are also required to attend Coffeehouse readings. Items intended for publication may be submitted to the faculty adviser, Mrs. Carol Allen-Gordon

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