Lady pioneer's junior Emma Gochnauer reaches the big 1K

Last Tuesdays battle against Palmyra was a special game for Pioneer's junior Emma Gochnauer, due to her hitting the one thousand point milestone.

The five foot nine combo guard got off to a slow initial start, with only one point in the first quarter. The lady Pioneers looked sluggish, and the crowd was restless waiting for Emma to acquire those two last points. Unfortunately the end of the first half came too soon, and the crowd sighed. Knowing that even if Gochnauer did reach the great milestone of one thousand points, their team would probably leave Warwick high school with a L. 

When the second half began the fans as well the Lady Pioneers all had a break, and were ready to cheer and play to the best of their ability.

The second half was underway and the crowd roared with excitement. With cameras at the ready. The Pioneers looked like a different team during the second half with a barrage of points. Everyone seemed to be scoring but Emma. 

But finally coming of a big defensive rebound that got us into transition Gochnauer surged forward towards the rim and finished with a right handed layup. The fans that had traveled a long distance to see this ball game where finally getting what they came for. With the milestone behind her Emma and her teammates began to step up their game on both sides of the ball. 

As they lit up the score board, and pulled away from Palmyra. Gochnauer finished the game with nine points, and the Lady Pioneers got the victory.

--By Drew Gochnauer, LS News reporter

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