Ninth grade boys basketball takes 2nd place to end the year strong

The Lampeter-Strasburg ninth grade basketball played in the Hempfield tournament this past weekend. After a rough showing recently at Spooky Nook, we looked to bounce back.

We were scheduled to play Warwick at 9 am and Conestoga Valley right after at 10:30 am. So we warmed up and the game began. Warwick was probably as tall or a little taller than we were, so it was a fairly even game. 

We started the game very aggressive, playing a full court zone press. We capitalized on their turnovers to take a six point halftime lead. After halftime, Warwick changed up their defense, and we struggled with it. They battled back to tie the game in the final five minutes. We finally started hitting our shots and managed to pull away with a 38-35 victory.

We played back to back games, so we jumped on the court for another one. 

CV was bigger and more athletic than us. They had some height that we struggled with at first. But, we had better fundamentals. We did all the little things better and we ran away with a 48-39 win to advance to the championship. 

We had two hours to rest, so we headed out to Friendly's for a team lunch. We ate way too much, but had a good time. 

We played Manhiem Central in the championship, but dug ourselves a hole too deep to crawl out of. We lost, but ended our season on a solid couple of wins. We had a season record of 13-4.

--By Owen Fikkert, LS News reporter

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