Cast list for spring musical 'West Side Story' posted

West Side Story

Cast List
TonyBrendan Massar
MariaJessica Heisey
DocJoey Long
Officer SchrankJosh Chambers
Officer KrupkeDonny Thomann
Somewhere SoloistHannah Miller
Glad HandKyle Johnson

The Jets

RiffSteven Greenwood
ActionBreadan Weaver
A-RabNolan Davidson
Baby JohnRowen Krantz
Snow BoyEthan Bare
Big DealPierson Castor
DieselSean Burke
AnybodysAnsley Yost
Gee-TarNick Blair
MouthpieceJosiah Bender

The Sharks

BernardoMatthew Monroy
ChinoLogan Emmert
PepeAlexander Williams
IndioRyan Floyd
LuisQuinn Swearingen
AnxiousJohn Madera
NibblesSal Viscusi

Shark Girls

AnitaKatrina Herrera
RosaliaCheyanne Waller
ConsueloMadeline Helm
TeresitaJulie Stinson
FranciscaIzzy Brown
Monique DuBose
Madelyn Hight
Lily Nauman
Crosby Renninger
Kathryn Sigafoos
Taylor Straley
Julie Stinson
Kylee Waller
Kendall Winters

Jet Girl Ensemble

Graziella | Emma Bender
Velma | Lauren Torres
Lauren Imhof
Kenzie Krebs
Erin Kuntz
Esther Ladis
Karli Longecker
Delany McCormick
Caroline McEligot
Mikayla Miller
Jillian Pontz
Angela Savoca

A Note from the director
Read after you have viewed the cast list. I know you are going to anyway!

On the behalf of the production staff, thank you all for your auditions. It was a difficult decision-making process. We were incredibly impressed with your talents, and we are very pleased with the cast we’ve assembled. To those we did not cast, we hope you will consider being a part of the musical in another area. There were simply too many people to cast everyone. We’re looking forward to working with you in the future.

Important Note
Mr. Ditzler is willing to speak to any student who would like to discuss why they were or were not cast and what they can do to grow as a performer for the future.

- Mr. Ditzler

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