Girls' Soccer: Joy and Sorrow

November 7: Joy
On November 7, the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Girls Soccer Team takes on state playoffs for the first time in the school’s history. After entering districts for the first time in seven years, the girls blew the minds of everyone in the Lancaster-Lebanon League.

They may not be the biggest school out there, but the talent is most definitely present. The four seniors, Kendal Ream, Morgan Wilson, Hannah Adams, and Maddy Stabinger, finish off their high school career with a bang. Since this team was never a contender in the championships before, most teams were very scared and nervous for what the team had to bring.

November 8: Sorrow
On November 8, the soccer team is filled with sorrow. The season of a lifetime had finally come to an end when everyone agreed it should not have. Falling with a 2-1 loss to Villa Joseph Marie marked the end for our seniors and brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Though, making it this far was an amazing victory in itself. Being the first class to enter states will forever be remembered and gave these seniors the most perfect way to end their high school careers.

We wish the best of luck to those continuing their passion in college and congratulating them on how far they have come.

--By Lane Kopelman, LS News reporter

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