Opinion: So many benefits to getting involved

Yesterday marked the end of the first marking period. We're already a quarter of the way through the school year. But if you aren't currently participating in a high school sport or club it's not to late to get involved!

Playing a sport or participating in a club isn't just fun and educational. It also looks good on your college applications. In fact, I would highly recommend it.

One of the biggest things is having to learn when you are involved in a club or sport is how to manage your time. Playing sports require a lot of commitment and you have to make time for the practices, the games, maybe even some team bonding. Going along with that, to participate in high school sports, you have to have pretty good grades. So you need to make sure your school work is getting done so it doesn’t become a problem.

Not only is time management a valuable thing I learned through sports, but being a team player is another. I’ve realized you are not always going to like everyone you play with. But if you refuse to work with them, it will only hurt your team. In the end it can really help you know how to work well with others despite the fact that you may not like them.

Softball and volleyball have had a huge impact in my life and have really made me who I am today. My favorite quote is “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,” from Babe Ruth because I think it isn’t just talking about softball/baseball, but life too!

Here's a listing of L-S clubs.

--By Camryn Byler, LS News columnist

The opinions of the stated author does not constitute an official position of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District or of the LS News editorial board.

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