Solanco knocks softball out of league playoffs in quarterfinal round

Last night, the Lampeter-Strasburg softball team lost a back and forth game against Solanco knocking them out of league playoffs.

Solanco took control of the first three innings with an 0-2 lead built off of RBI’s. The Pioneers came rocketing back in the top of the fourth when Natalie Carson and Julz Garber started off the inning now giving the Pioneers a 3-2 lead.

Solanco scored three as well that inning as well with bases loaded and a ball hit up the 3rd base line. Delaney Baker hit a triple in the fifth to bring Hanna Garber home. Baker was hit in by Delayne Groff.

The fifth inning ended in a 5-5 tie.

The Pioneers were left scoreless in the sixth inning and the Mares built off of that by scoring two more runs to end the sixth. Sadly, L-S scored nothing once again in the seventh ending the game 5-7 with a Solanco win.

Solanco now goes on to play Hempfield’s Black Knights in the championship game.

“We gave them too many second chances,” Pioneers’ head coach Gene Charles stated.

The Pioneers may have lost leagues, but they still have districts. Being a player on the team I know we will work harder then ever before and put all we got to come back with a win!

--By Taryn Hostetter, LS News reporter

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