Despite clouds and cool weather, Girls' Volleyball car wash proves to be a soapy success

This past Saturday, the Lampeter-Strasburg Girl’s High School Volleyball team grabbed their sponges, soap, and towels and headed to Darenkamp's grocery store parking lot to take part in the annual car wash fundraiser.

The forecast that day was not promising--low 60s and cloudy. Despite the uninviting weather, the car wash was a hit! With 13 girls and a handful of parents, the  team split into washers and sign holders. 

The car wash officially began at 8:30 am. By 8:45 am, there was already a small line of cars. As the morning went on, the line grew bigger and bigger.

As far as cost, there was no set price. Customers decided what they felt like donating. Freshman Ellie Knowles, a freshmen on the team, said “Teamwork is super important. You can’t get anything done without working together.” 

The results of that morning’s car wash proved that we indeed used teamwork. After just a quick four hours, the team raised $700! Coming to a close, everyone agreed to wrap up at 12:30 pm. Even then, we still had customers coming and had to cut off the line so we could stop.

Over all, the 2017 L-S Volleyball Car Wash was a success! If you came out and got your car washed/donated money, thank you! You are a part of what makes L-S Volleyball, LS Volleyball.

Be sure to come out for our upcoming 2017 fall season and show some love! We look forward to seeing YOU at the annual car wash next year.

--By Abigail Powell, LS News reporter

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