2017 edition of the L-S creative arts publication Enigma now available for download

 The 2017 edition of Enigma, Lampeter-Strasburg High School's creative arts publication, is now available for download.
Left: Art by Aliza Howe. Right: Art by Hailey Welchans, Madison Stabinger, and Haley Donaldson.
Contributors for this year's publication include: Makenna Glessner, Abby Gordley, Alina Rutherford, Madison Stabinger, Savannah Schickel, Natalie Ludwig, Emma Witmer, Sami Williams, Shannon Ferrari, Madison Stabinger, Jazmin Grove, Maximo Franco, Izzy Mazaheri, Sarah Johnson, Ericka Neff, Sarah Baxter, Autumn Peters, Drew Bell, Shyla Boose, Aliza Howe, Hailey Welchans, Madison Stabinger, Haley Donaldson, Jordin Chin, Camille Holzbauer, Nevin Hoenninger, Hanna Garber, Amanda Hay, Izzy Gleason, Jordanne Brodersen, Rachel Fish, Morgan Groff, Larson Kessler, Steven Sines, Rachel Myers, A.D. White, Roz Roth, and John Kieley.

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