Lancaster Young Artist and Scholastic Art Award Winners announced

Scholastic Art Winners

The Scholastic Art Awards will take place at the Demuth Museum and the LCYA exhibition will take place at the Lancaster Museum of Art. The exhibits will run March 4 through April 9. The opening reception at both museums is on Friday, March 3 starting at 5 pm. Artwork by Gold Key recipients in the Scholastic Awards advances to the National Scholastic Art Awards competition.
Olivia Martin

Gold Key Winners

Makenna Glessner-Sculpture
Olivia Martin- Ceramics 
Camryn Heister-Metal Sculpture 
Shannon Ferrari-Mixed Media
Camryn Heister's metal sculpture 

Silver Key Winners

Sarah Baxter-Jewelry 
Autumn Peters-Ceramics 
Makenna Glessner-Painting
Makenna Glessner's "Hand of Life"

Honorable Mention

Mercedes Geiger- Painting 
Nikita Glass-Painting 
Makenna Glessner-Printmaking
Olivia Honert -Printmaking 
Makenna Glessner-Sculpture 
Natalie Ludwig- Ceramics
Autumn Peters- Ceramics 
Sarah Johnson- Jewelry 
Ericka Neff- Jewelry

American Visions Nominees

The American Vision Award winners are chosen as the “Best of Show” from all of the artwork entered in this year’s Scholastic competition. Each regional program across the country selects the five most outstanding works of art from their Gold Key recipients. These five young artists represent the region on the national level as American Vision nominees. A national panel then selects one of the nominated works from each region as an American Vision winner.

Camryn Heister-Metal Sculpture
Shannon Ferrari-Mixed Media
Shannon Ferrari

Lancaster County Young Artist Award Winners

Gold Medal

Nicholas Maier-Ceramics 
Olivia Martin-Ceramics 
Autumn Peters-Ceramics
Camryn Heister-Jewelry/Metals 
Nevin Hoenninger- Jewelry/Metals 
Julia Matalon- Jewelry/Metals
Autumn Peters

Silver Medal

Emily Frey- Jewelry/Metals 
Autumn Peters- Ceramics (2) 
Emma Witmer- Ceramics
Autumn Peters-Sculpture
Jordanne Brodersen- Mixed Media 
Nikita Glass- Painting 
Isabella Mazaheri-Sculpture
Sarah Baxter

Honorable Mention

Sarah E. Baxter- Jewelry/Metals
Emily Frey- Jewelry/Metals (2) 
Christine Fritz- Jewelry/Metals
Cassandra Hatfield- Jewelry/Metals 
Sarah Johnson- Jewelry/Metals 
Jordan Chin-Animation
Rachel Fish- Photography 
Makenna Glessner- Painting 
Autumn Peters-Sculpture
Hayden Goldberg- Painting 
Emma Witmer-Ceramics 
Olivia Honert-Drawing
Nevin Hoenninger
The Awards were launched in 1923 by Scholastic, Inc., the global children's publishing and media company, to encourage, foster and reward creativity in our nation's classrooms. Each year, students who excel in the visual arts and creative writing have the chance to earn recognition, get their work exhibited or published and to earn scholarships. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have an impressive legacy dating back to 1923. Over the years, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have grown to become the longest-running, most prestigious program for creative teens in the U.S., and the nation’s largest source of scholarships for creative young artists and writers. A noteworthy roster of past winners includes Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Robert Redford, Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen King and John Updike.

The process begins across the country as young artists and writers in grades 7-12 submit work in 28 categories of art and writing to a network of regional affiliates who present award ceremonies and exhibits for selected works on a local level. Gold Keys, the highest awards, are then submitted from each region for national adjudication. By luminaries in the visual and literary arts, some of whom are past award recipients. National Gold and Silver Medal winning students and their teachers receive national recognition, and are invited to attend the exhibit in New York and award ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

In the last five years alone, students submitted nearly 900,000 original works of art and writing. During that period, more than 60 top art institutes and colleges have partnered with the Awards to make $40 million in scholarships and financial aid available to regional and national Scholastic Award winners.

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