Review: Arsenic and Old Lace is no dull affair!

Opening night. 

Just like any other opening night, energy was high. I happened to catch preparation for curtain call, and I heard the cast sounded off with mysterious grunts and yells, presumably of excitement. They joked and laughed with each other, almost like a family. Many of these crew members spent time working together for the entirety of their high school careers, but even the new additions seemed to fit right into the energetic group.
The cast of Arsenic and Old Lace performing their curtain call.
Regrettably, before this year (my senior year), I had never seen any of the school’s productions, neither plays nor musicals. I always had “other things to do”. Now, I see how big of a mistake I had made missing out on our school’s performances. Even from the back row, every aspect of the stage, from the impeccable set to the talented cast of characters, was electrifying.

Because of this cast’s camaraderie, all interactions between actors and actresses appears natural, especially the relationship between Sean Burke and Braedyn Weaver. Their characters have minor disagreements, and the dichotomy between their personalities really adds to the humorous effect. Plus, the height difference is a great sight gag.
Brendan Massar and Caroline McElligot.
However, all actors and actresses did an amazing job on Thursday night. Congratulations to Caroline McElligot; she is performing in a leading role as a freshman, a feat that few accomplish. Each member brought a certain energy to their roles, injecting even more entertainment into a play that already contains a large amount of suspense and humor.
Joey Shiffer, Emily Sidelinger, and Andrew Lines. 
In addition to the energetic cast and thrilling plot, the set design blew me away as soon as I walked in. It looked so well-crafted and expensive, like an actual Victorian home. It had lighting fixtures, wood detailing, functioning accessories, and two stories, complete with an old-fashioned staircase. Everything was beautifully painted and crafted, authenticating the time period conveyed.

All in all, you didn't see Arsenic and Old Lace you missed a great show.

--Lillian Murr, LS News Editor-in-Chief
Edited: AZ

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