Art teacher's work on display this month at Red Raven Art Company

Lampeter-Strasburg High School art teacher Mr. Scott Cantrell's art work will be on display starting today for the month of June at Red Raven Art Company.

Cantrell had this to say about this exhibit.
I am a teacher first and foremost in my life, and so this work is meant to teach the viewer. This show developed from a series I called the Visual Learner and are paintings about painting. This work is a celebration and an exploration of understanding the referential nature in the history of art. Artists like Sargent, Rembrandt and Ingres were chosen because of their ability to realize the cooperation of the paint and the subject. The studies include explorations in the application of paint, the viscosity differences in accents and passages, color isolators, magnifications of detailed areas, alla prima versus multiple sittings, and simultaneous contrast in color.

Red Raven Art Company
138 N. Prince St.

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