Strasburg remembers fallen heroes at annual Memorial Day Parade

Yesterday, the status of the Strasburg Memorial Day parade was in question due to weather, but even the skies cooperated to honor America's fallen soldiers as the parade marched on.
Veterans lead the annual Strasburg Memorial Day parade
It turned out to be a beautiful Memorial Day morning as members of community lined Main Street to see the annual Strasburg Memorial Day parade. 

Members of the US armed forces led the way, followed by the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Band, which played "Armed Forces on Parade", a march medley that includes the songs of each branch of the armed services. 
The L-S High School concert band played its march "Armed Forces on Parade" to honor those who served in each branch of the U.S. Armed Services
It is an important day for the high school concert band, all of whose members participate (unless they are on a pre-scheduled family trip). Before the parade, director Mr. Larry Royer told the story of a soldier who was buried just recently in Lancaster County after his remains were discovered from a foreign war.

"You don't know this man," Royer told the group, "but this is who you're doing this parade for."
Mr. Larry Royer exudes energy when discussing the importance
of the parade; here he poses with Bethany Bradford, next year's
drum major of the L-S Pioneer Marching Band

The Martin Meylin Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade band, Lampeter-Strasburg Community Band, First Presbyterian Church, and Good Fat also provided music to provide an upbeat feel to the parade. 

The Friendly Valley Girl Scouts had flowers that they took to the graveyard. Behind these girls, the Grand Marshal Chet Lutz waved to the people as he drove by. The Strasburg Railroad drove in their antique cars and advertised for the Strasburg Garden Tour on June 18 & 19. 

Chelsea Hancock, the fair queen, smiled and waved the whole parade even when there was a lion mascot right behind her for the Lions Club. 
Reigning Fair Queen Chelsea Hancock waves to the crowd

Many community members showing off their different types of tractors and the fire engines followed close behind. 

The High View Church of God handed spectators “the life book” which explains different aspects of the Bible. Bringing up the rear, Good Fat played on a float for the Strasburg Pool. 

The veterans put the flag at half mast at the square, as the high school band played the national anthem. The parade concluded as groups veered off down Decatur Street, some to the Strasburg Cemetery for its annual commemoration of soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

--Ashley Zehr, Reporter, Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography, and Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief; Photos by Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography

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