High school students fondly recall 2016 L-S Teacher of the Year, Ms. Susan Adsitt

Back in the early 2000s, when we students were all mere youngsters, a small school existed called Willow Street Elementary, and a wonderful teacher named Miss Adsitt taught third grade there. This school suffered from lack of air conditioning in the hot summer months and numerous maintenance problems that caused its downfall, but it created a sense of community and care for everyone involved. Miss Adsitt first taught here with intense passion and did not lose said passion when she moved to big bad Hans Herr Elementary (with air conditioning!). This passion for her job earned her the illustrious title of Teacher of the Year, and when you talk to some of her previous students, it's easy to see why.
Ms. Susan Adsitt with her class on the Hans Herr Elementary playground

“Ms. Adsitt uniquely made learning fun in her classroom. She created mnemonic devices that I still remember to this day. This sort of impression is why teachers like her are deserving of this award.” - Ben Eidemiller

“She made math fun and is the reason why it is my favorite subject.” - Nate Ferrari

“She played us a song that said "8•7 is 56" about a million times, and everytime I come across that problem, I think of that song. I have never forgotten what 8•7 is!” - Emma Dipace

“Miss Adsitt was a fun and super creative teacher! She is especially patience and gave me the best 3rd grade experience I could have. I still remember raising our own monarch butterflies and releasing them in the spring! Miss Adsitt deserves this award 110%!” - Shannon Ferrari

“I'll always remember how much she genuinely cared about our educations and truly wanted us to grow as students and as people. She really understood the importance of education at an early age.” - Logan Emmert

--Compiled by Lillian Murr, LSNews.org School News Editor

Edited: BP

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