Editorial: Blurryface

I am very excited to say that in one week I will be a high school graduate. I remember being a young kindergartener looking up at the high schoolers as if I would never reach that point; it was too far off into the future to be possible. Well, here I am.

It’s been a ride, but, honestly, more like one of those rides where you spin so fast that, although you’re having fun, you can’t wait to get off while hoping your lunch stays where it belongs. It’s both exciting and dreadful simultaneously. High school and school, in general, has had its moments, but we all too quickly went from coloring the letters of the alphabet to doing stoichiometry (God help us). The old elementary days have become distant memories.

I, who did not attend L-S until the 9th grade, did not have recess in middle school. Recess is the greatest time of the day for any child. I would watch the clock as the time for recess drew nearer, and I’d become a little antsy in my chair. I can remember four square tournaments, rainbow tag, king of the hill. I particularly remember wearing an oversized hoodie for the mere purpose of tucking my legs under it and rolling down hills.

Now, as I prepare to leave the safe nest (which I truly am excited for) and enter the world of responsibility, I am anxious. We, 249 seniors, are setting sail to life. That’s scary. Many of us will attend college; others, technical schools and alternative pursuits. Either way, we will all be acquiring a great deal more responsibility and stress.

Then in another four years, I’ll be entering the workforce. What once seemed like an impossibility, a too distant future to comprehend, will, sooner than I probably realize, be a reality. It makes me wish I listened more in Managing Your Finances.

Even though I am eager to attend college, there are many unknowns. Will I like my roommate? Will I finally develop a proper work habit and stop procrastinating (As I’m writing this at one AM, chances are low)? How hard will it be to find a job in my field (Social Studies/ Secondary Education. Quite hard)? As much as I want to be excited about the future, I am nervous.

Moving on to actual life is frightening because the unknown is frightening. I suppose coming to terms with the unknown is part of the path to adulthood. Although, it’s not really a path as much as it is a conveyor belt. We can stop ourselves along a path, but we can’t stop the thrust into life. We just have to take it as it comes.

How I wish I could reset it all and go back to those recess days. Maybe, before June 3, I’ll take the time to revisit my old school, put on an oversized hoodie, tuck in my legs, and roll down those hills I so dearly miss.

This represents the LSNews.org editorial board's weekly editorial, although it reflects only the experience of the author, opinion editor Aaron Davies. Questions or concerns can be directed to lspioneernews@gmail.com.


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