Boys' lacrosse makes history winning first round playoff match against Hempfield

If you weren’t apart of the crowd of parents or the loosely formed student section, you missed out on an amazing game and the Pioneer Lacrosse Team’s first playoff win in program history.

The first score from the Black Knights came soon enough and the Hempfield fans were up on their feet. But after a few passes, missed shots, a goal from Alex Knarr, and a great save by Marco Peticca, Logan Miller assisted freshman Noah Patterson for the Pioneers’ first goal. The game seemed pretty calm until four L-S defenders blocked a Hempfield shot and sticks were flying everywhere. Trevor King finished the quarter with a beautiful run down the field to bring L-S up 3-1. 

Hempfield proceeded to score three times to lead 4-3. With pressure from the defense, the play was forced out of the Black Knights’ hands, but then returned for uninterrupted goal number four. Goal number five was agonizing to the fans, but the kind encouragement and critiquing never ceased. During the goal, it was clear to see that someone had run into the back of the net which, to some spectators, should have resulted in a penalty against Hempfield.

Suddenly the crowd was having flashbacks to the previous game against Township. But the next face-off resulted in a goal for Mazaheri bringing the score to 5-6. As the excitement grew, and out-of-bounds ball and a false start resulted in a goal for Nate Patterson and Teddy Mazaheri, who are both recently chosen All-American players. Soon, one more goal was awarded to Hempfield, and then Mazaheri’s quick pass to King left the score at 8-7 going into the half favoring L-S.

But the Knights came back ready to fight as they scored three goals just as quickly as fans could settle into their seats. But a shot from Nate and an assist from Knarr to King gave L-S confidence as the score returned to a tie 10-10. Even after Mazaheri assisted to King, Hempfield scored four times to bring their lead up 14-11. By this point, parents were chanting along with each other in an effort to spark whatever was left in the Pioneers. Somehow, it worked.
Hempfield would score only once for the rest of the game. The Pioneers were fueled and were determined to not go into overtime like the ending of the last meeting with Hempfield. And eight goals later, seven from L-S and one from Hempfield, L-S gained possession once again. The Pioneers lead 18-15 with two minutes left, and now they were left with one job.

Don’t screw up.

And as the clock ran down, the crowd stood up on their feet once more, and smiles emerged. The boys had held it together and L-S had finally won a Boys’ Lacrosse Playoff game.

--Taylor Griffin, Reporter

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