Trouble on the tennis courts: A 5-0 loss ends the season for the boys tennis team

With the temperatures increasing and spring sports coming to an end, the Lampeter-Strasburg boys tennis team fought hard in a long, tiresome battle against Conestoga Valley. Despite having a rather promising season, the Pioneers lost 5-0 against the triumphing Buckskins.
Tyler Thomas converses with his Conestoga Valley opponent
after losing his singles match

The finality of this match is memorable to many graduating seniors, as it may be their last season ever playing tennis. Although not continuing to play tennis on a team after high school, since tennis is a lifetime sport, the boys are sure to enjoy their beloved sport throughout their lifetimes.

Logan Emmert played during the JV
match, and as the team's only freshman,
figures to be a building block for the future
Sporting matching red shirts to celebrate the American Heart Association, the boys played in several close matches throughout the afternoon. With Greg Mowrer, playing singles, and Matt O’Neil and Tyler Thorius playing doubles, all lost their matches after an exhausting, time consuming tiebreaker.

Despite the rout, team spirits were high.

After a fun and strenuous regular season, in which the team finished 6-8, they now head to leagues hoping to bring home a trophy to display amongst the Lampeter-Strasburg sports awards and trophies.

Tyler Thomas, Evan Winters, Greg Mowrer, Evan King, Matt Paich, Matt O’Neil, and Tyler Thorius will all be representing the pioneers at this Thursday’s league tournament at Conestoga Valley.

The league tournament will be a challenging match, as several high ranking tennis teams will be present. Some of the teams may have already played each other, but this tournament raises pressure for each tennis player. Earlier in the fall, the girls’ tennis team played in the Conestoga Valley tennis tournament with great success, and the boys’ tennis team is optimistic towards their tennis trophy.

--Maggie Johnson, Assistant Sports Editor and Grant Davis, Tennis Reporter

Edited: BP

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