Sudden victory: L-S beats Palmyra in boys lacrosse during second overtime

April 16 marked a nail biter for the Lampeter-Strasburg boys lacrosse team. They ultimately beat Palmyra 12-11, but it was a long road getting there. 

L-S got the advantage early on with a goal by Teddy Mazaheri. Alex Knarr followed in pursuit also scoring for L-S. Nate Patterson scored back-to-back goals thereafter when Palmyra called timeout. Ostensibly, the team used the time to dissect L-S’s defense, as they scored three goals by the end of the quarter. 
Teddy Mazaheri made important contributions for the
Pioneers, helping them en route to victory

Palmyra didn’t ease up, pummeling their way through L-S defense tying up the game 4-4. Before L-S could take the ball Palmyra took the lead scoring a fifth goal. Trevor King didn’t let the score bother him as he scored for L-S. After another goal by Palmyra, Alex Knarr ended the half with an L-S goal, tying the game at six.

Palmyra started the second half with a goal, but Patrick McClain brought the ball to the goal, and passed it to Nate Patterson who ultimately scored. Palmyra, refusing to let the Pioneers get ahead, scored again bring them up by one. Noah Patterson then shot and scored for L-S, assisted by Tyler Zameroski. Mazaheri takes possession of the ball at face off and scores another for L-S. Near the end of the quarter, Palmyra scored again to tie the game.

Like the previous two quarters, Palmyra started off the scoring, bringing them up by one and then two when they scored again. It was not looking good for L-S until Knarr got a pass off to Nate Patterson, who shot and scored, bring L-S one closer to Palmyra. The timer clicked closer and closer to zero, when Nate Patterson scored in dramatic fashion, this time off of an assist from Mazaheri to send the game to overtime.

Four minutes were put on the clock and L-S worked tirelessly to put the ball in the goal, but it did not happen. L-S and Palmyra went into double overtime, whichever team scoring first would win, a sudden death situation. Two and a half minutes left, Knarr scored the winning goal off of a pass from Mazaheri. L-S beat Palmyra 12-11 in double overtime.

--Ivy McComsey, Boys Lacrosse Reporter; Photos by Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography

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