Mr. Pioneer preview: Tyler Thomas, Ski and Snowboard Club nominee, part two

The Ski and Snowboard Club is inextricably intertwined with the Outdoor Club, and as such, advisor Jeff Landis took the liberty of putting forth two nominees for the Mr. Pioneer competition. One of them is Tyler Thomas. As one of two nominees, Thomas says he does not mind a little friendly competition.
Tyler Thomas will represent the Ski and Snowboard component
of the Outdoor Club in the Mr. Pioneer competition

Co-president of the Ski and Snowboard Club, he helps plan each event carries out responsibilities during the trip as well.

Other extracurricular involvement included helping to plan Mini-Thon, which Thomas admits was slightly chaotic, but the resulting impact on not only the students, but the kids of the Four Diamonds Fund made it worth the hard work.

His motivation to help others stems from his strong faith. It’s part of his duty to give back to the community.  

On top of all that, Tyler is also on the tennis team. His favorite part is spending time with the guys on the team and just getting out everyday to play. Some of his future plans include studying chemical engineering and then using that knowledge to help further develop clean, renewable energy sources.

He believes he should be Mr. Pioneer because his goal in life is to positively impact as many lives as possible. He is very motivated to give back to the community and cannot wait to to see everyone at the show.

--Kate Schultheis, Reporter

Edited: BP

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