Mr. Pioneer preview: Kevin Reed plans to make a memorable evening for Steelers fans

As a hopeful future Mr. Pioneer, Kevin Reed is looking forward to the pageant. With his four AP classes, he is looking forward to doing something different from homework. Strongly “encouraged” by his friends from quiz bowl and mom -- PTO president and event coordinator Carole Reed -- to run, he decided to be a good sport and participate. Kevin believes that Mr. Pioneer should be someone with good leadership skills, responsible, and contributes to making school more tolerable. He believes he has those traits as he represents quiz bowl in the event.
Kevin Reed will represent quiz bowl in the
Mr. Pioneer contest

A huge basketball fan, Reed coaches basketball over at the YMCA. He uses the opportunity to develop his leadership skills and to serve the community. This is also why he likes being a member of the High School Heroes program. To him, being a Hero is very eye opening; it helps him remember what it was like to be young and helps him trace back to when he started forming his own set of values. He thinks this sets him apart from the other contestants.

After high school, Reed plans to serve in the military, hopefully after attending one of the service academies. This is one thing he thinks separates him from other contestants; he has strong military values learned from his father including honor, integrity, and respect. When it comes time to crown the winner, he wants to encourage people to vote for who best exemplify the qualities of Mr. Pioneer. Reed is looking forward to having fun and making Saturday night memorable (especially for all the Steelers fans out in the audience … he might earn some boos).

--Kate Schultheis, Reporter

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