Eagles soar to victory over Pioneers in tennis

On Monday, April 18, the L-S boys tennis team fell to Cocalico 6 to 1. The team's lone win came from Evan Winters, who managed to pull a victory out of an intense singles game pitted against a very even opponent.
Evan Winters notched the team's lone win

Team spirits were high throughout the game despite the eventual loss.

Spectator, fan, and varsity girls’ tennis juggernaut Izzy Mazaheri said that “It was lit,” referring to the overall atmosphere of the game and the blazing doubles matches going on at the junior varsity level.

On the bench, the fortress and incubator for the future, team banter from players occurred frequently.

There, number three doubles athlete Matt O’Neil remarked, “This is like Cherries on Snow.” This Yankee Candle flavor, with its soft and welcoming aroma, perfectly summarizes the warm mood of the event regardless of the home-turf defeat.

Looking forward to its last few matches, L-S hopes to bring home some victories at the end of the season.

--Max Nguyen, LSNews.org Boys Tennis Reporter; Photos by Payton King, LSNews.org Sports Photographer

Edited: BP

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