Buckskins fall flat in face of L-S girls lacrosse team

Despite the misleading sunshine, the cold temperatures are leading the girls lacrosse team into a successful chilly spring season. 
Some freshmen including Marissa Denlinger saw varsity
game action

The Lampeter-Strasburg girls lacrosse team defeated Conestoga Valley 14-2. The team was prepared for a challenging game and proceeded to score 10 goals within the first 15 minutes of the game. 

This resulted in a running clock for the remainder of the game, in favor of the Pioneers. 

The top scorers of the game included freshman Kelsey Kimmel, senior Hannah Keller, senior Madi Lawhead, and senior Joanna King. 

At the end of the impressive game, freshman Brittney Zameroski commented, “We are redefining the girls’ lacrosse program.” 

Following the shadow of previous years and their rather unsuccessful seasons, this year the team is changing the game. 

Freshman Kelsey Kimmel followed her comment by saying the popular lacrosse slogan, “Live, Love, and Lax.” 

This comment shows the true attitudes of the optimistic players for the team, an extreme desire to win as well as break the mold of being seen as a losing team.

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--Joanna King, LSNews.org Girls Lacrosse Reporter; Photos by Lauren Mast, LSNews.org Director of Sports Photography

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