Multimedia Preview of Pippin

Pippin, the story of Charlemagne the Great’s youngest son’s journey through life, opens Thursday night in the Lampeter-Strasburg Performing Arts Center at 7 pm. This limited three performance run promises to be a spectacular show.

On Monday, the L-S students were treated to a one-hour teaser of Pippin. Here are LS News exclusive images and video.
Scenes from Monday's Pippin  Teaser
In the following video is the opening of Pippin featuring Brendan Massar as Pippin, Jessie Reynolds as The Leading Player, and the rest of the troop of Pippin.

In this short clip, Pippin's grandmother, Berthe played by Ashley Crutcher, explains the importance of enjoying life in "No Time At All." 

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--Payton King, Staff Photographer

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