Winter track program helps athletes prepare for spring

The Lampeter-Strasburg indoor track team rigorously prepares for their upcoming outdoor track season through intensive work outs throughout the school. Their daily workout routines consist of series of running up stairs, high knee running, butt-kicks, plyometric training, and intervals. The track team participants run from the wrestling room all the way upstairs around the auxiliary gymnasium and back downstairs again.
Athletes run flights of stairs at indoor track

They also exercise by running flights of stairs to increase endurance. Then, in the downstairs locker room hallway, the team completes synchronized high knees and butt-kicks. They do a series of each of these exercises to further prepare their muscles for the strains and intense use during their outdoor season in the spring. Intense preparations are the best way to prepare for the rigorous upcoming season.

Overall, the different aspects of indoor and outdoor track do not seriously affect the athletes, but competing in indoor track can prepare the outdoor track athletes for a more promising season.

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--By Maggie Johnson, Assistant Sports Editor

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