L-S students head down a slippery slope ... in Vermont!

This past President's Day weekend, the L-S Ski and Snowboard Club traveled to Vermont for its annual Ski and Snowboarding trip. They lodged at Jay Peak Resort for the first part of their adventure, which is located in the Green Mountains, and is home to the eighth largest slope in the New England Area. For the second part of the trip, club members got to shred the slopes at Slowe. The students braved frigid temperatures while hitting the slopes. When they weren't skiing or snowboarding, students relaxed in Jay Peak Resort’s indoor water park, complete with lots of water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. It was the perfect contrast to the cold, harsh slopes of the mountains. Every student that went could all agree on one thing: they had the time of their lives. Mr. Jeff Landis is the club adviser, and Mr. Erik Welchans, the high school choral director, and Mrs. Beth Welchans, a paraeducator, also chaperoned the trip.
Participants prepare to brave the cold in Vermont

Here are some comments from students who attended:

Madi Lawhead, senior skier: The slopes were amazing! It is a much larger mountain than we have around here, so it is always fun to go somewhere new and try different runs. I had an absolute blast and it was such  a cool experience. The chaperones deserve a medal for putting up with our shenanigans on the eight hour bus ride! If I wasn't graduating this year I would definitely go back!

Shay McComsey, senior snowboarder: Even though the conditions weren't great in Vermont, it was still completely worth the frigid temperatures and eight hour long bus ride. I loved spending the weekend skiing/boarding with my friends and the rest of club. The club consists of a really great group of kids. It wouldn't of been possible without Jeff Landis, he did such an amazing job organizing the trip and getting us out onto the slopes. I would definitely go back again if I had the opportunity. I only wish I started snowboarding earlier because It's so much fun!

Izzy Gleason, junior skier: The slopes were good to ski on. The view was astonishing, especially on the top of the mountain. However, it was freezing cold out! Every other run we had to run inside to avoid frostbite. We went to the  water park one night at Jay Peak Resort and it was so much fun. I would gladly go back again!
Students enjoyed an indoor swimming opportunity as well
Tristan Boyer, senior snowboarder: My favorite part was getting out on the mountain and having fun with all my friends. When not on the slopes, I mostly hung out with my friends, ate snacks, and tried to stay warm. If I had the chance to go back, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I can say with complete honesty that the trip was one of the best experiences I've had and I'm really grateful for the opportunity to have gone.

Cam D’Imperio, freshman snowboarder: When we went in the glades at Stowe, I hit a couple of trees. It was painful, but worth the amount of fun I had while there. I got to see Dylan Grau wipe out down the hill. I would definitely go again.

The students of the skiing and snowboarding club all had a great time in Vermont. Armed with new memories and lasting friendships, These lucky students got to experience an adventure that was once in a lifetime.
--Kate Schultheis, LSNews.org Staff Writer

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