Half-price sale at Goodwill highlights students' snow day shenanigans

We may be off of school, but the roads are clear, so that means that the sky is the limit for this snow day. So, LSNews.org asked these students (and one teacher): How are you going to spend your “vacation”?

Conner Shelton and Sam Tran were among the
L-S students to hit the Goodwill half price sale
Morgan Groff, junior: “Inside, watching TV.”

Christian Nitchie, senior: “Lounging around, watching YouTube, and just generally chilling underneath copious amounts of blankets.”

Claire Warner, sophomore: “I built a blanket fort and watched movies with my dog.”

Aron Possler, junior: “Doing nothing but homework, essentially.”

Conner Shelton, junior: “Going to get my musical costume with my girlfriend.”

Colin Anderson, junior: “Swim practice. Always swim practice.”

Jaclyn Kuro, junior: “Goodwilling and studying.”

The fruit of Kayla Pugliese's
culinary labor
Kayla Pugliese, junior: “Baking some food and watching some movies. Baking is my favorite!”

Samantha Tran, junior: “Shopping at the 50% Off Goodwill Sale… And (maybe) doing my AP Psych outline :)”

Alexis Mongeau, senior: “Hanging out with my boyfriend, and youth group in the evening!”

Maggie Johnson, senior: “Going to Goodwill for Half-Off Day!”

Jessie Reynolds, senior: “SLEDDING AND SNOWBALL FIGHTS!”

Elke Arnesen, senior: “I am running a lot of errands and am planning on a relaxing yoga session for later :)”

Rebecca Patches, sophomore: “Watching The X-Files with my family.”

Hannah Myers, junior: “I’m spending the day watching Netflix and chilling.”

The more studious among us spent the day on academic studies,
including Aron Possler, who took a break to submit this photo
Kate Schultheis, junior: “Watching Netflix… Parks and Recreation marathon!”

Mrs. Shehan: “Went out to lunch with my hubby and kids, read, made Valentines, and watched Gilmore Girls.

Nate Ferrari, junior: “Doing homework.”

Joey Shiffer participated in a Bible study with friends
Sarah Johnson, junior: “I spent most of it sleeping… And I think I'm going to go sledding!”

Olivia Beiler, junior: “Doing more Chemistry homework!”

Joey Shiffer, junior: “With friends! We had a nice group together and just had fun hanging out and talking.”

Emma DiPace, junior: “I finished my AP Psych outline and now, I'm reading a book :) So exciting, I know XD”

--Lillian Murr, LSNews.org School News Editor

Edited: BP

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