Knowles and Griffin to attend journalism conference in Washington D.C.

Two Lampeter-Strasburg juniors have received nominations to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.
Catherine Knwles and Taylor Griffin

All participants have to be either nominated for a position or apply themselves; the L-S attendees received invitations. Taylor Griffin and Cat Knowles, juniors, have decided to accept their call to this meeting sponsored by George Mason University in Washington D.C. This distinguished conference brings excellent students from all over the country together for one week to discuss and pursue their interests in journalism. They will stay in dorms on campus. 

Over the course of this week, participants get to attend assemblies hosted by guest speakers, such as New York Times staff and Susan Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine. They also will meet in small groups to work on networking and speaking skills, as well as participate in journalism simulations. It also prepares these ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders for college admissions. 
The event will be held at George Mason University

At the end of the stay, the university hosts a gala for the students to celebrate their achievements and just have fun. All of these scheduled events take place near, and even in, the beautiful monuments that Washington D.C. is known for, including the White House. 

There will be a White House photo opportunity and meetings with the staff that work within the President’s fortress, all very helpful to a young woman like Taylor Griffin. 

“I think that being in the journalism part of political science would be a great fit for me,” Griffin gushes when asked about her career goals. 

Griffin shows great interest in politics, and the networking aspects of this national meeting would definitely help with connections in the field that she wants to be a part of. Griffin also would like to attend George Mason University, where the conference is held, in the very near future. This Fairfax conference could be the doorway to endless possibilities for these two students.

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor

Edited: BP

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