Girls basketball team beats the snow ... and the Buckskins

In a game that was to be played Saturday but due to snow was moved up to Thursday, January 21, the L-S girls’ basketball team battled the Conestoga Valley Buckskins for an impressive victory. In a high scoring game, they came out on top 64-50.

The first quarter was marked by frustration for the Pioneers. Unable to contain CV’s offense, they allowed 16 points to be scored against them. L-S tallied 6 team steals and 6 rebounds, but just couldn’t capitalize with baskets at the other end of the floor. The first quarter score ended with CV up 16-12.
Laura Horner led the way for the Lady Pioneers with 25 points

A new L-S team came onto the court in the second quarter. Sophomore Laura Horner led the charge to an impressive lead, herself scoring 12 of the Pioneers’ 21 points. Junior Nevin Hoenninger scored three points, adding to her total of seven in the half. Sophomore Hanna Garber and freshman Emma Gochnauer each added three points for L-S. By the end of the half the score was in favor of the Pioneers at: L-S 33, CV 24.

In the third quarter, both teams traded baskets, and the point difference L-S's lead remained at 11 points. Garber played aggressive defense, grabbing several rebounds, and many jump balls. Both teams played good defense in the third quarter, and the score ended 46-35.

The Pioneers took the game home in the fourth quarter. Hoenninger had her best quarter of the night, scoring eight points, and snagging two steals. Both Garber and Horner continued to play well, Garber with two points and two rebounds, and Horner with four points and two rebounds. Reserve sophomore Hailee Stoltzfus sealed the game with two free throws in the last minute, and the Pioneers triumphed 64-50 over the Buckskins.
The team huddles up down the stretch
Overall, the Lady Pioneers played well as a unit. Laura Horner played one of her best offensive games of the season, tallying 25 points, and making her the highest scorer for L-S of the night. Right behind was Nevin Hoenninger with an impressive 22 points and six steals (At least one every quarter). Emma Gochnauer scored eight, and Hanna Garber had five. The Pioneers pulled out a solid win over the rivals across Lincoln Highway, and, if they defeat ELCO on the road this afternoon, can enjoy the snow happy with their undefeated week on the hardwood. 

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--Caleb Gawne, Girls Basketball Reporter
Edited: BP

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