Column: Martin Meylin's "Little Mermaid, Jr." is 'charming', cast 'gushes' with talent

If you're looking for a delightful musical treat this weekend, look no further than under the sea! This week, a cast of about 80 students from Martin Meylin Middle School performed a wonderfully charming adaptation of Disney's The Little Mermaid, and the group is gushing with talent! 
Crosby Renninger plays the
leading role, Ariel

Crosby Renninger was an absolutely adorable Ariel, perfectly exuding all the passion for adventure that the princess possesses, a passion that would lead even the most timid of guppies into the wildest of escapades. Jack Harnish (younger brother of L-S HS senior Kelly Harnish) played an equally optimistic Prince Eric, reminding the audience that music often has the power to express feelings where words cannot. Other leading players included Jillian Pontz as a menacing Ursula, Josiah Bender as a charismatic Sebastian, Maddie Ciliento as an endearing Flounder, and Quinn Swearingen as an enthusiastic Scuttle.

With their final show on Saturday at seven o'clock, the cast has one final night to wow the crowd with their marvelous talents, and it's a bittersweet reality for the students who have poured themselves into this show for the past few months. 

Cast member Lindsey Steele bemoans, "The only bad thing is that we only have one show left; it really stinks." 

Stink as it may, you still have a chance to swim on over to the high school this evening at 7 PM and see why things really are, as Josiah Bender puts it, "hotter under the water"!

--Cassidy Ingram, Special to

Edited: BP

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