Bowling team triumphant over the Vikings

It was a brisk, windy afternoon outside on Monday, January 4, but the Pioneer Bowling Team fought through the nonexistent weather (inside Rocky Springs) for an outstanding victory. Despite Northern Lebanon’s handicap -- disqualification due to the lack of a bowler -- the Pioneers earned their win.
Cassie Hatfield had an outstanding third game for the Pioneers, leading the way
In the first game, the Pioneers outscored Northern Lebanon by over 100 points, and outnumbered them by one person. Vikings' bowler Adam Stoner had an impressive 10 strikes in game one, adding 236 points to their total of 703 points (quite an excellent score for a team of four bowlers). The Pioneers battled back, scoring 805, between the five varsity members. Senior Brittany Hatfield was the highest point scorer for L-S in game one. She tallied 221 points, starting with a wild turkey (six strikes in a row) in the second frame. Overall, the Pioneers compiled 18 strikes, and ended the round with a 2-0 lead.

The pioneers continued to perform strongly in game two, improving their own score by 58 points. Senior Eric Gross started the game strong, with four strikes in frames 1-4. He had a near perfect game, scoring only strikes and spares for a score of 221. Seniors Adam Lee, Ethan Byers, and Brittany Hatfield scored over 160 points each, a combined 495 points. Game two ended with a score of 4-0, the Pioneers outscoring the Vikings 786-588.

The Pioneers seemed to struggle most as a team in the third game. However, sophomore Cassidy Hatfield -- Brittany's younger sister -- improved drastically, and had her best game of the night. She scored 179 with the help of a turkey, the highest for L-S in round 3. Not far behind, was her sister with a score of 176 points. The final point tally for the third game went 786-588, a third and final win for the Pioneer bowlers. With a total tally of 2454, the Pioneers clinched a 7-0 win over Northern Lebanon.

--Caleb Gawne, Bowling Reporter

Edited: BP

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