#Blizzard2016: L-S digs out, has fun along the way

Snow struck the Susquehanna Valley, the I-95 corridor, and yes, the illustrious Lampeter-Strasburg School District over the weekend, to the tune of up to two feet. Readers reported various amounts, and the official measurement at Millersville University was 26.7 inches. L-S closed on Monday, and had two hour delays on Tuesday and Wednesday before returning in earnest Thursday. Tuesday, it was one of only three districts in the county to open at all. Athletic events scheduled for early in the week have been postponed, and the maintenance staff has been hard at work to get the campus back into working order.

We checked in with many students on how they spent their snowy weekend, and received these photos. Check out more photos and submit your own in the Google Photos gallery below.

Christian Nitchie alleges the snow plow didn't see him
Sophia Buscay enjoys the solitude of
a tree
Caked in snow, Brendan Massar has discovered
a massive icicle
Some athletes don't let snow stop them from practicing their sports
Josh Kirchner is stuck ... his sister says she had
nothing to do with it
Gallery of photos we have compiled via Google Photos -- feel free to add your own!

--Benjamin Pontz, LSNews.org Editor-In-Chief

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