Multimedia: Mini-THON in pictures and videos

The story of L-S's first Mini-THON in five years through the eyes of those who attended.

Photo Gallery 

The cafeteria featured dancing with special lighting, food, balloons, and fun!
Students from Lampeter Elementary and Hans Herr combined to raise $2938 for the kids
The auxiliary gym featured a bouncy house, an inflatable obstacle course, and
the wrecking ball, seen here
The competition gym was open for games and general recreation early in the evening
Everyone returned to the gym for more dancing before the middle school total
was announced
The middle school raised $3391; it would have been easier to photograph
if they weren't constantly waving the signs!
Bear Shank and Nate Patterson play ping pong in the upstairs lobby

The Tonight Show featured an opening monologue, thank you notes, and Family Feud

After an unscripted Tonight Show, students glow danced in the grand lobby
Perhaps the highlight of the evening, at 2 AM, bubble soccer began!
In total, the Mini-Thon raised $17,753, shattering its $10,000 goal


A speech from Mr. Will Torres, patriarch of a "Four 
Diamonds Family", who spoke at the event:

"For The Kids, Hallelujah!" - an adapted version of
"Uptown Funk" written specially for L-S Mini-Thon:

Bubble soccer in the gym:


"I thought that Mini-Thon was really fun even though at some points I could fall asleep wherever I was. I also thought it was astounding how much we were able to make as a HS and how much we raised total. I do hope that there will be another Mini-Thon in the near future." -- Sean Burke, 10th grade
"It's the best night of my life. I don't usually get to stay up this late." -- Sawyer Lancaster, 7th grade
"It was awesome ... staying up all night!" -- Maggie Swarr, 5th grade
See the remainder of's dozens of photos from the event.

Photos and Video by David Johnson, Co-Director of Photography and Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

Content curated by Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

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