Lady Pioneers prevail in "Hyphen-Bowl"

On December 14, The L-S girls basketball team took on the Lady Dutchmen of Annville-Cleona. This clash between hyphened schools (Lampeter-Strasburg and Annville-Cleona) turned out to be quite a competitive game.

In the first quarter, the game was especially close. A majority of points came from junior Nevin Hoenninger and sophomore Laura Horner, who combined, to score 13 of L-S's 17 points. The first quarter score ended at L-S, 17 and A-C, 15.
Nevin Hoenninger led the way for the Lady Pioneers
In the second quarter, the L-S defense stood out. After some suspect rebounding in the first quarter, the Pioneers managed to hold Annville-Cleona to a mere 3 points, and no score until more than halfway through. Freshman Emma Gochnauer played tremendous defense, ending the half with 10 rebounds to complement five points. At halftime, the Lady Pioneers led 26-18.

During the third quarter, L-S managed to add 16 points to its score. Nevin Hoenninger totaled another eight points, and Senior Rachel Shortes added six of her own. Annville-Cleona added 18 to its score as well, with L-S leading at the end of the quarter 42-36.
Rachel Shortes drives in the lane

The beginning of the 4th quarter started a little close for comfort. The guests from afar managed to put up quite a rally, and cut the Pioneers’ lead to four. After some tuning, the Pioneers were able to start their own rally mid-way through the final quarter. Rachel Shortes made four free throws and one field goal, making her the top scorer for L-S in the fourth.  Hoenninger and sophomore Hanna Garber each put up 4 points, with Horner adding another bucket. The final score ended at 58-50, L-S.

All in all, the Lady Pioneers played a good game, but were certainly forced to work for every basket they made. Hoenninger played extremely tough, and despite both sickness and an injury (in the most recent game), she scored just under half of the Pioneers’ 58 points.  Garber played fantastic defense for the entirety of the game; she put up 5 points of her own, and had around nine rebounds. Freshman Gochnauer had 11 rebounds of her own to complement 7 points.

Laura Horner summarized the game by saying, "We fought hard and finished in the end." 

That they did.

See additional photos from Caleb Gawne's collection via Google Photos
See YouTube video playlist with action from the game

--Caleb Gawne, Sports Reporter; Photos by Caleb Gawne; Videography and Live Tweets by Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

Edited: BP

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