Editorial: Finding Christmas cheer

It is Christmas day! And after months of preparation starting right after Halloween, many of you may be sitting down saying...well, I haven’t roasted any chestnuts. Frankly, I’ve been avoiding eggnog. I really have no idea what yule is. I don’t know if they have Rankin and Bass claymation on Netflix.

So what’s it all about?

Well, you’re probably going to experiencing what it is today, and over the next few days. Admittedly, that three months of build up can be draining. It’s a continual fight between wanting to carol in the halls and not getting yelled at that you have to get back to work. You've probably been worried whether or not your family and friends will like the gifts you got them. And for many of us, we still have work to do over our winter break.

But relax. It still is Christmas, and a gift is a gift. Believe me, friends and family are just happy to see you, especially any college and high school kids who are never home by virtue of location or after school activities. And really, you have to enjoy what you can. The next few weeks or week, depending on how much time you have, connect with friends. Go to Christmas and New Year’s parties and talk to people. 

And don’t forget, it’s not about the presents and all the food. The days are shorter, it’s cold, and probably a great time to stay inside. So don’t just sit there brain dead catching up on the Flash and Arrow. It’s a dark world out there. And Christmas is the one holiday meant to show that acts of kindness and selflessness, no matter what size, can help make the world a better place. It’s supposed to be a time where we can set aside our frustrations and unwind, prepare for the upcoming year, celebrating an age-old miracle. So try and unwind, enjoy yourself, get your fill of family, love, and goodwill.

And if you can avoid the fruitcake, we don’t blame you.

This editorial represents the official opinion of the LSNews.org editorial board. Its lead author was managing editor Justin Burkett. It does not constitute an official opinion of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District, nor the LSNews.org advisor. Questions or concerns can be directed to lspioneernews@gmail.com. Merry Christmas!


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