Down to the final pin: Bowling against Eagles

On Friday, December 18, the L-S bowling team battled the Cocalico Eagles at its home alley, Rocky Springs, in a match that was decided by the final pin. 

During the first game, the Pioneers bowled strongly, holding an 18-point advantage to give them a 2-0 lead at the start of game 2.  Both teams struggled in the first game. Senior Adam Lee was the highest point scorer for L-S, ending the first game with a noteworthy 198. Sophomore Cassidy Hatfield also had an impressive start with 180 points. Both Lee and fellow senior Brittany Hatfield had turkeys (three consecutive strikes) in the game. Despite significant competition from 239-point scoring competitor Justin Burd, the Pioneers managed to keep a lead at 880-862.

The view at Rocky Springs, where the Pioneers lost a nail biter to Cocalico

Rules Corner: How do you score a team bowling match?

There are quite a few things one must understand. First, bowling matches consist of three games, each having 10 frames. For every game won, two points are awarded; one point is awarded to the team that has the most overall points. Thus, there are a total of seven points up for grabs, and they are are commonly split between both teams.

Game Two and Onward

The second game ended in favor of the Eagles. Cocalico managed to score an impressive 977 points to the Pioneers’ 806. Aside from Lee, the Pioneers struggled to pick up strikes. However, Lee had his best game of the match. With seven strikes, he picked up more than a quarter of his team’s score. Still, Cocalico managed to tie the match at 2-2, and lead total scoring 1839-1686. 
From L: Brittany Hatfield, Cassie Hatfield, Eric Gross,
Adam Lee look on during the match

Clearly, the third game’s outcome would determine the victor of the match. In game three, the Pioneers made several substitutions, but eventually senior Ethan Byers finished the game well. Returning for good in the ninth frame, Byers totaled two strikes and one spare in the game. Meanwhile, senior Eric Gross finally asserted a commanding presence during the game. With four strikes in a row late in the game, Gross led the team scoring with 226 points, the highest single-game total for any player in the match. Both Cassidy Hatfield and Adam Lee compiled over 200 points in the third game, helping L-S rally in what looked like a possible comeback. With the final bowlers at the line, the game score was tied 927-927. Both bowlers had two pins on which the fate of the game rested. Despite a valiant effort, L-S lost to Cocalico on the final ball of the evening. The Eagles found a way to clinch the win over L-S at 5-2, winning the total score 2768-2613.

Though a tough loss, the Pioneers managed many outstanding achievements. Adam Lee scored 613 points as a whole, with 17 total strikes. Gross was the second highest scorer, averaging 188 points per game, and ending with 565 points. Furthermore, the Hatfield sisters combined for 993 points and 24 strikes. 

"Tough loss; it came down to the wire," says Eric Gross after the match.

That it did.

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--Caleb Gawne, Sports Reporter

Edited: BP

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