A treeless tree lighting in Strasburg

On Sunday, December 6, the Lampeter-Strasburg concert band performed at their third and final “tree lighting” event of the year in Strasburg Square. Thursday’s gathering in Lampeter Township and Willow Street’s exciting ceremony both kicked off the holiday season heartily. 

However, the musicians’ Sunday night in Strasburg had them asking each other the same question: “Where’s the tree?” Apparently there was some miscommunication, as there was no tree.

Nonetheless, the festive occasion was still as merry as ever. 

Special activities included the band’s performance of classic Christmas carols, a reading from the Gospel of Luke, and a Frozen themed story for the little ones. 

Of course, the big fat man with the long white beard made his arrival at the Square -- it seems the L-S community has a monopoly on him, given his appearance at three events in four days! 

The crowd sang along to familiar tunes such as Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, O Come All Ye Faithful, and other Christmas songs (sadly, the L-S band did not play the venerable O Tip Ka Ta). Despite the fact that there was no actual tree at this tree lighting, members of the closely-knit Strasburg community celebrated together joyously, spirited by the coming of Christmas.

-- Josh Kirchner, LSNews.org Local Reporter

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