Varsity Club holds sneaker drive to help underprivileged Philadelphia area children

Lampeter-Strasburg High School Varsity Club is running a sneaker drive starting today until Friday, November 13 to benefit underprivileged children at Faust Elementary in Bensalem outside of Philadelphia. Faust Elementary is a Title I school where many poor children attend. In fact many of the students there cannot even afford sneakers. Without sneakers than cannot participate in  “gym” class.

Students are asked to bring in their gently used sneakers for donation to the children at Faust Elementary School.
Pictured above one of the many donation boxes found all over the school.
The sneaker drive is being held as a competition between homerooms. Please label the shoes with your homeroom and place them in designated sneaker drop off areas. Sneakers from outside sources may be delivered to the high school main office.

Contact Mr. Albanese with questions.

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