Tri-M music honor society welcomes new musicians

Just a day after the induction of new National Honor Society members, the Tri-M Music Honor Society does the same. However, the criteria are a tad different. Terms such as half note, quarter rest, or cut time are the normal language of a member to this society.

Tri-M -- formerly known as Modern Music Masters -- is designed to recognize students for their musical achievements and to provide leadership and service opportunities to young musicians. 

Last month, nineteen eager musicians waited in the music hallway to audition for the society. Some held guitars; while others held music to a song they were going to sing. Any instrument was acceptable.

The officers of Tri-M -- Megan Doolittle (president), Mackenzie Miller (vice president), Jarrod Lloyd (secretary), and Kelly Harnish (treasurer) -- along with music teachers Mr. Larry Royer and Mr. Erik Welchans served as the audition judges.

As each musician performed, the following criteria were examined for acceptance: quality of performance, completion of application questions, membership in band, chorus, and/or orchestra. 

"We had a large turnout and most of the students were well prepared and thoughtful in the selection and performance of their pieces.”

And so, after the auditions were completed and decisions were made, fifteen new members were invited to be inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society in January. Sam Tropp, a new member of Tri-M, excitedly stated, “When I got the letter ... my heart lit up! I was so happy to be part of a club with so many dedicated, talented musicians.”

Singing Valentines are perhaps the most noticeable activity of
Tri-M -- coming in February to a classroom near you
The fifteen new members are as follows: Kaela Witmer, Bethany Bradford, Ericka Neff, Ashley Crutcher, Sam Tropp, Andrew Lines, Sarah Johnson, Justin Burkett, Aron Possler, Emily Lamison, Mercedes Geiger, Conner Shelton, Ashley Zehr, Lauren Bliss, and Celia Yost.

"I love how Tri-M provides a common ground for all musicians to share. Not just all singers, not just all instrumentalists, but every musician," says new member Lauren Bliss. "I feel honored to be a part of such a prestigious and talented group of musical kids."

Perhaps the most notable activity of the Tri-M Music Honor Society is gifting the wonderful students at Lampeter-Strasburg High School with singing valentines on February 14th.  Get ready for fun embarrassment, and congratulations to members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

--Mackenzie Miller, Senior School News Reporter

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