Students engage in "intense" Bible study

Refton Brethren in Christ
A group of 15 students attended a Bible study at Refton Brethren in Christ Monday night, which is more than double the number of students that attended last month. It’s an improvement for sure, considering the students are from all different school and churches. In fact, therein lies the point of the meeting.
Refton Intensive Bible Study – or R.I.B.S., as many call it – allows high school students across the area, no matter which church, denomination, or school they attend, to focus and examine pertinent matters of Christianity. Its online description states that it “serves to teach and equip students, no matter where they are in their faith, so that they can grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ [James 1:4].”
Refton Brethren in Christ youth pastor Scott MacFeat originally had the idea to host the event after students invited him to speak at a Wednesday morning Fellowship of Christian Students meeting at L-S. Disappointed with the limited time to connect with students on a deeper level, MacFeat decided to continue to gather high school students from different churches. He decided to form R.I.B.S. He wanted more time to delve deeper into the lesson, and R.I.B.S. is nothing if not deep. It’s meant to cover some basic but important truths in the Bible; not only why Christians believe them, but how they apply to lives today. The Facebook page details what MacFeat plans to discuss in the upcoming lesson, giving resources, asking questions, and assigning “homework”.
Of course, any outside work is optional. However, the topics are interesting enough to encourage students to do some research of their own. L-S sophomore Melissa Long says, “[The topics at] R.I.B.S. are very captivating. I really enjoy it.” She attended both the meetings in October and November, and plans to continue coming. This past Tuesday, she brought along a friend from her own youth group, with the hopes that other members will attend as well. There were students from several different churches, including First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg, and of course Refton Brethren in Christ. Only a portion of them were L-S students.
The study starts off with singing, an interactive lecture, and small group discussions. Students are then able to take a break and eat snacks provided by the church, and then continue on with the lesson. Several other youth pastors are on hand to answer questions.  This is only the second study, but so far students seem really pleased with both the topics and the fellowship.
The next meeting will be on the second Tuesday in December from 7 to 9 pm. All students are welcome to attend.
--Alyssa Van Lenten, Local Editor
Edited: BP

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