NHS inducts new members

The LSHS National Honor Society inducted 36 new members last night.

Several weeks ago, the hectic application process began for juniors and seniors. Although a limited percentage of those that applied were actually accepted into the club, the inductees still more than doubled the returning 15 members.

These 15 students assisted in a tag day breakfast on November 6 to welcome the newest recruits. While they were relieved that the stress of applying was over, students were also warned that missing a meeting could result in expulsion from the club.
A group photo of the inductees and current members
The tag day meeting also entailed a fundraiser and some community service ideas. The 2015-2016 officers, which include Robin Feaster, Bri Garber, Emily Deardorff, Chaz Wolf, and Alyssa Van Lenten, plan to make NHS more service based, which coincides with the service requirement for applying.

The actual induction ceremony last night ran smoothly thanks to all the hard work put in by Mrs. Swarr and other various staff members. She commented to the officers beforehand, “You don’t know how much work goes into this.”

Despite several of the officers discussing their stage fright before they were on stage, there were no terrible slip ups. Assistant principal Dr. Feeney was selected by the current members as the guest speaker for the ceremony, and he presented his speech on the pillars of NHS, welcoming the newest members to the club.
Jack Drummond hoists his arms in celebration immediately after the induction

Inductees had each asked a role model in his or her life to pin the official NHS emblem onto him or her as officers read short bios prepared by the students.

Although the ceremony largely maintained a dignified -- and at times awkward -- silence, some cheers for Jacklyn Kirchner’s grandmother erupted when it was announced she had raised 11 children.

Afterwards, both the club members and the audience ventured upstairs to enjoy cake served by the PTO. 

In the words of inductee Jake Groff, a senior: "It's an honor to be associated with people with high achievements."

--Alyssa Van Lenten, LSNews.org Local Editor

Edited: BP

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