Column: FOX GOP debate a refreshing change

Tuesday’s Republican debate was the fourth of eleven that will take place during the primary season. Obviously, the standings of the presidential candidates have changed since the first debate in Cleveland, Ohio a few months ago. The last two debates were quite frustrating and challenging to sit through, but not for the reasons one might think. At the CNN and CNBC debates, the moderators intended to turn each of the candidates against each other and humiliate them. Many viewers had high expectations going into this debate, which aired on the FOX Business Network.

The first big dispute was on illegal immigration. Donald Trump explained that he would deport all the 11 million illegal immigrants out of the country, but John Kasich and Jeb Bush agreed that they should be able to earn legal status. Kasich commented that simply picking up 11 million people and shipping them over the border is "silly" and "not an adult argument". Ted Cruz later warned that Republicans should not join Democrats as the party of amnesty. One of the most notable moments of the debate was the argument between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio about government spending. Paul argued that he was the only fiscal conservative and Rubio’s plan on military spending was more liberal. Rubio retorted that he knows "Rand is a committed isolationist," and that he is not.

Another highlight was when Donald Trump said that he would be okay with Vladamir Putin taking the lead in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

Jeb Bush added, “Donald is wrong on this. He is absolutely wrong on this. We’re not going to be the world’s policeman, but we sure as heck better be the world’s leader.” 

Carly Fiorina concurred, saying, “You know, Mr. Trump fancies himself a very good negotiator, so Mr. Trump better know that we should not speak to people from a position of weakness. Governor Bush is correct. We must have a no-fly-zone in Syria because Russia can not tell the United States of America where and when to fly our planes.”

Donald Trump stuck to his core and really only message of making America great again by building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Jeb Bush had a great night, especially considering his failed attempt at attacking Marco Rubio in the last debate. His campaign went into this debate hoping that they could start a comeback, and they were successful. Ben Carson, who has a large following from the right flank of the Republican Party but failed to stick out in the last two debates did a good job on several occasions and made several great points. I don’t really think that there were any losers. Whether or not you agree with them, they did a fine job explaining their positions and plans. This debate’s moderators also did a fantastic job, asking specific, relevant questions to facilitate a lively and informative conversation.

--Pierson Castor, Columnist

Edited: BP

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