Aevidum raises awareness through pancakes and running

On a cloudy, fall Saturday morning, members of the Lampeter-Strasburg community – adults, teens, and children alike – gathered together to either run, eat, or eat after running. Many of them sported green, yellow, and black in accordance with the representative colors of a group known as Aevidum, whose mission for this event was to raise awareness for mental health issues.

Aevidum co-presidents Katelynn Gebhart and Beth DiBiase pose
for a photo before the start of the race
For those unacquainted with the organization, Aevidum pursues to create a positive, non-abusive atmosphere at school where all students feel accepted, appreciated, and acknowledged, and cared for. 

“Since you cannot see [mental health issues], people often forget about them in comparison to other illnesses, but they are just as prevalent in our society,” shares Aevidum’s co-president Beth DiBiase.

School Board policy permits each club to have one big fundraiser per year. With this in mind, the Aevidum leadership team started planning a community 5K for awareness in August, before school had even begun. Their extensive preparations included organizing a pancake breakfast, mapping out a course for the 3.1 mile and 1 mile races, designing t-shirts to be ordered and sold to attendees, assembling a raffle for guests to have a chance at winning prizes, and arranging a silent auction.
34 runners/walkers participated in the race component of the event
The event was sponsored by Turkey Hill and Pie in the Sky, and the raffle items were donated by an array of local businesses. In addition, club treasurer Kelly Harnish provided a special family pancake recipe for the breakfast, which was prepared by club volunteers, cafeteria staff, and the Harnish family. Club advisors Ms. Kristin Glass and Ms. Lisa Boone helped the event run smoothly, directing and chatting with guests.

The funds collected from today’s event will help to finance the Aevidum’s future projects during the school year. The group hopes to further impact their community by continuing to spread awareness to their friends, family, and neighbors about mental well-being.

--Jacky Kirchner, Features Editor/Staff Photographer

Edited: BP

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