You're fired: What if a fire were to happen during lunch?

Taking advantage of today's schedule in which students eat lunch with their fourth period teacher instead of their third period teacher, students and staff participated in a fire drill to practice how to evacuate and account for students in the event an evacuation would need to occur while students are in the cafeteria.

Because lunch normally occurs during third period, the school does not normally schedule fire drills during that period. However, administrators were concerned that if a fire were to happen during third period while students are in the cafeteria, it could lead to confused chaos. Consequently, a drill was scheduled today to allow teachers and students to designate a meeting place -- a "rally point" -- to be prepared for such an event.

L-S holds a fire drill once every month to comply with the Pennsylvania School Code. Often, it seems that administrators choose a day that has nice weather -- especially for the winter drills -- but today's took advantage of the schedule to enhance the preparedness of the building.

--Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

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