Weekend Edition: Nathan Musser's The Lone Wolf, part 1

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by Nathan Musser
Fenris, a child kidnapped and raised to be a hardened assassin, is now a man, free from his former master -- yet still an assassin. His next target jars him off his current course and onto a path filled with many dangers, but also, hopefully, redemption.

Part 1: Waves pounded against the rocky cliffs, throwing a continuous spray of ocean water onto the ruined castle. The Norwegian castle had once been a tall, proud structure, defying the wind and waves for centuries, but at last it had given way and crumbled into a pile of rubble. However, some people still found it interesting -- and it was good for Fenris that they did.

The assassin Fenris was crouched behind a rather large pile of bricks, his hard blue eyes surveying the terrain. Having seen more than a few castles in his life, he accurately presumed he was taking refuge behind the remains of the top of a watchtower. Briefly, he wondered how something completely ruined could still be beautiful, but then he shook his head. He was on a mission; he didn’t have time for such thoughts.

The few security guards assigned to the castle didn’t know anyone was present; they were playing a game of cards a few miles down the road at the entrance booth. Fenris had studied their habits for the past few days, and he knew they wouldn’t come back down to the castle ruins for another few hours. He would be long gone by then, and so would his target.

His target was currently snapping pictures of the castle wall nearest the sea. Fenris had gathered an extensive amount of information on her, nearly filling an entire journal. Her name was Lauren Night, and she was an investigative journalist. She had dirty-blonde hair and gray eyes, as well as a skinned knee, and thus a limp, from a narrow escape. Fenris frowned and stared at his target. The wound must have healed; she wasn’t limping anymore.

Two weeks ago, she had disappeared off the face of the earth, and her publishing company had no idea where she’d run off to. That was when Fenris’s current employer had called. This new employer, simply called “the General,” was leader of an elusive underground organization called the Skull. The Skull specialized in criminal activity of any kind, and the General had a keen interest in taking over the world. When he contacted Fenris, the General had claimed that Lauren had infiltrated the Skull, learned everything she possibly could, and then escaped, planning to write everything down to publish and expose the Skull’s dealings. When she had escaped, though, one of the guards had managed to graze her knee with a bullet. The General had also informed him that Lauren could have possibly learned the names of Skull spies, future plans of the organization, and other tidbits of dangerous information. It was of top priority to take her out, before she could make it back to the publisher, and Fenris was happy to oblige. He was being paid quite a hefty sum for this job, and it promised to be simple: a quick pull of the trigger, and the photographing reporter would crumple to the ground, dead.

Carefully, Fenris rose to one knee and took aim with his rifle. Although Lauren was facing the shoreline, away from him, Fenris could envision where the midpoint between her eyes would be -- and the crosshairs of his rifle were aimed at that exact spot.

Fenris pulled the trigger.

To be continued...

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