Volleyball team honors senior Allyson Dull

The L-S girls’ volleyball team faced Garden Spot on senior night this Monday. It was a special night for senior Allyson Dull, for she was the team's only senior. Before the match got under way, Emma Cohen read a short biography, praising the senior captain for her leadership and great athletic ability. Allyson was then presented with a bouquet and a tiara from her teammates.  

After the celebration it was time to get down to business. Going into the match, the Garden Spot girls' team had an outstanding record 13-1 overall, and 8-0 in their section, and finally, they hold the top spot in the Lancaster Lebanon league. The Lady Pioneers went into the match with a 9-3 record overall and a 4-3 record in their section.
Allyson Dull, the team's only senior, was honored
before the game

Garden Spot has an almost perfect record for a reason, and it showed. They got off to a strong start, scoring 7 points in a row before the girls in blue got their first. L-S’s first point came from a well-placed dink by junior Katelyn Reed. Even after the first point, rallies that went in L-S’s favor were few and far between. Lady Pioneers that normally would on any given day provide consistent stable bumps seemed to be unable to get a good touch on the ball. Even when they string together a great sequence and deliver a powerful spike, the lady Spartans would read the play and either block it, or get a player in a position to dig. Despite three kills from  junior Leah Wieland, along with an ace from Haley Hildenbrand, L-S lost the first set 14-25.

The patterns that persisted in the first set were prominent again in the second. Garden Spot got off to a slightly slower start than the first set with a 7-3 lead that changed to 7-4 after an ace from sophomore Haley Hildenbrand. Garden Spot then went on another run, building up a 12-6 lead. Kills from Leah Wieland and Katelyn Reed couldn’t stop the Spartans from winning the second set 25-15.

The final set started out with Reed and Wieland leading the show, keeping the score within two points at 9-7 Unfortunately, L-S only managed to score one more point after that, for Garden Spot won the final set 25-8, which sealed a 3-0 victory for the Spartans.

The girls play Ephrata this Wednesday. Ephrata is 8-4 overall, and 4-4 in their section.        

--Luke Raum, LSNews.org Volleyball Reporter

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